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Power Day Starter Spirulina Smoothie Bowl

Power Day Starter Spirulina Smoothie Bowl

Yields one smoothie bowl If there is a more vibrant way to start the day, we haven’t found it. As beautiful as it is delicious and satisfying, this nutrient-dense breakfast smoothie bowl can easily be adapted to whatever fruits are in season. INGREDIENTS 1 cup almond milk 1 cup kale leaves 1 banana, sliced ½ avocado 1 ounce Greenspring Farms Fresh Spirulina ½ cup ice 1 tablespoon agave syrup, plus additional for serving ½ cup raspberries 1 kiwi, sliced 1 tsp hemp seeds INSTRUCTIONS Put the kale, almond milk, kale, ½ of the banana, avocado, fresh spirulina, ice, and 1 tablespoon of the agave into the blender in that order. Blend until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and top with the raspberries, kiwi, hemp seeds, remaining ½ banana, and a drizzle of agave.

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