Full of vitality, essential nutrients, and plant-based protein, our fresh spirulina is creamy like a spreadable cheese with an herby flavor somewhere between avocado and spinach. It is raw, living and a great way to get fully vegan protein.

We think fresh spirulina is best when used as simply as possible: blended into a smoothie, stirred into warm miso soup or bone broth, spread right on hearty wholegrain bread or mixed into guacamole or hummus. Scroll for products!

  • Live-harvested and delivered fresh 

  • 150% of the protein of eggs and 70% of the protein of beef ounce for ounce

  • The nutrition of 2 cups of leafy greens! It's like salad on a spoon. 

  • Natural, green and clean energy

  • Immunity support

  • Grown and harvested on our small Northern California farm

  • Sustainably grown with absolutely no pesticides or GMOs​​