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Good Morning Blue Greens Spirulina Smoothie

Updated: May 7, 2020

Good Morning Blue Greens Spirulina Smoothie

Yields 2 smoothies

Blending whole, fresh greens and blue green fresh spirulina together with nuts (for just the right amount of fat) and whole fruits is a craveable way to get several servings of fruits and veggies before you even head out the door.


½ cup orange juice

2 ounces Greenspring Farms Fresh Spirulina

4 cups spinach

2 stalks celery

Two handfuls of toasted pecans OR 2 tablespoon nut butter of your choice

½ cup old fashioned oats

1 medium banana (preferably frozen)

1 cup frozen mango chunks


  • Place all ingredients in blender in the order listed

  • Pulse to combine then blend at high speed until smooth

  • Pour into glasses and serve immediately. 

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