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Blue Green Goodness - Coming Soon!

Greenspring Farms Fresh Spirulina is live-harvested and delivered fresh. Extraordinarily nutrient-dense, our fresh spirulina is packed full of complete, plant-based protein and provides a wide assortment of vitamins and vital minerals. Calorie for calorie, fresh spirulina offers twice the protein of beef. A single serving has 100 times the antioxidant Vitamin A of blueberries.

Our fresh spirulina is full of vitality and simple richness of without any of the lost nutritional value and pungent taste of processed, dried powders! Fresh spirulina is as different from spirulina powder as fresh cream cheese is from powdered milk. Fresh spirulina is raw, living and fully vegan.

Grown and harvested from protected pools on our small farm in Northern California, our spirulina is a naturally rich and delicious addition to smoothies, sauces and both hot or cold recipes.

Each 8-serving jar is packed fresh on the farm and keeps refrigerated for up to three weeks.

Currently our products are only available in select locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

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