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“I had taken powdered spirulina for years until I found local fresh spirulina. It's a game changer for athletic performance benefits! I love that it helps boost energy, provides Iron, protein, and fights inflammation; just to name a few things that are critical for being a top tier athlete.”

- Hallie Fitzsimons, tri-athlete

Fresh Natural Food that Sustains Your Energy

  • Creamy subtle flavor makes any smoothie green and deeply satisfying

  • Gently harvested twice a week and sent directly to you

  • Grown sustainably without any GMOS, pesticides or preservatives

A Powerful Boost of Plant-Based Nutrition in Every Spoonful

  • 70% of the protein of beef and 150% of the protein of eggs

  • 4x the iron of Kale and Spinach 

  • Plus the energizing nutrients of two cups of leafy greens

Full of vitality, essential nutrients, and plant-based protein, our fresh spirulina is creamy like a spreadable cheese with an herby flavor somewhere between avocado and spinach. It is raw, living and a great way to get fully vegan protein.

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"I’ve been vegan for over 10 years and fresh spirulina has become one of the most important parts of my diet. It's such a nutritional punch and I put it in everything. I have tons of energy after having my morning smoothie. I can’t live without it."

- Mikela B.

"I eat it straight out of the jar like green almond butter."

- Tess Masters, The Blender Girl 

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