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Full of vitality, essential nutrients, and plant-based protein, our fresh spirulina is creamy like a spreadable cheese with an herby flavor somewhere between avocado and spinach. It is raw, living and a great way to get fully vegan protein.

We think fresh spirulina is best when used as simply as possible: blended into a smoothie, stirred into warm miso soup or bone broth, spread right on hearty wholegrain bread or mixed into guacamole or hummus. Scroll for products!

  • Live-harvested and delivered fresh 

  • 150% of the protein of eggs and 70% of the protein of beef ounce for ounce

  • The nutrition of 2 cups of leafy greens! It's like salad on a spoon. 

  • Natural, green and clean energy

  • Immunity support

  • Grown and harvested on our small Northern California farm

  • Sustainably grown with absolutely no pesticides or GMOs​​

Unfortunately due to supply chain issues, Covid and hiring issues we are currently unable to harvest and deliver our fresh spirulina at this time. Please sign up to our newsletter to get updates on when we will be shipping again.

8oz Jar of Fresh Spirulina

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Product Details

One 8oz jar of Greenspring Farms freshly harvested, raw, vegan 100% spirulina.

This is a fresh food product so please make sure to be home within 8hrs of arrival so that you can place it in the refrigerator. Our fresh spirulina should be eaten or frozen before the "best by" date on the container. It can easily be placed into an ice cube tray for convenient freezing of single serve portions.

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